The Clip-on hair bows are made from 100% cotton fabric with a metal alligator clip at the back, which easily clips on and off your dogs fur.


The Fresh As A Daisy collection looks fantastic as a set, complete the look with the Fresh As A Daisy accessories for you and your pup, included in the range is a Lead, Collar, Bandana, Harness, Bow Tie,  Hair Scrunchie, and Facemask (for humans). 


    Fresh As A Daisy | Clip-on Hair Bow - Powder Blue

      • Easy to wear, attaches, and detaches onto the your dogs fur.
      • Finished with a metal alligator clip at the back
      • Made to order and handmade in the UK.
      • Made with 100% Cotton fabric that's environmentally friendly and digitally printed, with no chemical waste.